Importance of Alternative Text in Images

Importance of alternative text in images

This is an important topic that  SEO expert greece takes seriously. When a person sees a picture of a dog playing immediately know what is happening in the photo: a dog is playing. However, SEO expert greece affirms that search engines do not have the human ability to recognize the content of a picture and understand it. Therefore, you should be the one who help the search engines via the “Alt Text” to understand the images of your website or online store.

The “Alt Text” or alternative text is the text that search engines use to understand the images also are the words that will be displayed in place of the image when it could not load.

What should you put here? Very simple, just a short description of the image with keywords for which you position yourself interested. SEO expert greece are fully aware of this. For example, in the case of the alleged dog photo which we talked about earlier, an example of alt text would be something like “running dog” for your page if you want to focus on more general; or “German Shepherd running” if you want to position yourself for these more specific words.

Ask yourself: How Google manages to find a specific image? It is difficult for your algorithm work with something visual, so it is need of an image description. Is there going into the Alt Text or Text Alternative (Text Alternative). Without good use of Alt Text when to use images in your articles and post, Google will fail to find your image when users perform a search and therefore, you lose the opportunity to present your work to users.

In this blog we have pointed out many times the importance of product images to draw attention of customers, as they are the most important resource with which you accounts for customers to make a decision, they do not have the possibility to evaluate the product physically. We also talked about the importance of optimizing your content for search engines, as the SEO will be useful for people interested in products that you market as you are. The better position you’ll have more chance of getting leads and traffic.

But what relationship do the pictures and SEO? Well, like quality content, if done properly, they can also help improve the ranking of your site. That’s why in this post will help with optimizing your images online store to improve your SEO positioning. Good pictures in e-commerce Before moving to the optimization, it is important to remember the characteristics that must have the images on the site of an online store. As useless optimize an image but has the necessary parameters to draw the attention of customers.

Quality: The picture should give you a good impression of the product. That implies you have photographs with a background that highlights the product, which is original, with good resolution and taken with adequate lighting. Do not worry about the budget does not need a professional camera or be an expert in photography.

Features and elements visible product: Photo serve not allow you to clearly see the main features of the product. Remember that the photographs accompanying the description, therefore these should be useful to check that the information provided matches. It shows different angles: This is not a strict rule, but an element that will help to provide more details about the quality of your product. Uniformity: the proportions should care products that use passes, so that not all have coherence and see an order.

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