An Unbiased Leads Tunnel Review

Online marketing is a tough business. Turning a profit and staying ahead of the competition requires every little edge you can get. If you’re starting to use Facebook ads more and more frequently to bring in leads, you may be interested in Leads Tunnel, a new automation tool that makes your Facebook advertising more efficient. This Leads Tunnel review should tell you what to expect from this handy new piece of software.
How Leads Tunnel Works

Leads Tunnel is basically a simple chunk of code you can use in your Facebook ads to streamline the process of getting potential customers onto your email list. It replaces the conventional squeeze page most marketers use to harvest email addresses and simplifies the entire process for you. Where the customer’s end of Leads Tunnel is connected to your Facebook ad, your end is hooked directly to your email

Like a lot of handy-dandy marketing tools, Leads Tunnel is absolutely drenched in “valuable” bonuses and extras that might or might not be useful to you. For starters, you’re buying a “membership” rather than a piece of software. It comes with access to some training videos on Facebook advertising and a free trial of an email autoresponder built by the same team. (Keep an eye on that free trial to make sure you don’t start getting charged!) There are also a pair of upsells to offer you further training on Facebook advertising and email marketing.
Who Will Get The Most Out Of Leads Tunnel

In contrast to some of the absolutely crazy marketing systems out there, Leads Tunnel is a very simple tool. It does one thing — replace squeeze pages — and it does it very well. The cost is a one time charge of $37. That’s a pretty fair price for a straightforward chunk of code that does what it says it does.

If you’re running a marketing campaign in which your email messages are an absolutely critical part of your sales funnel, this tool is probably well worth investing in. The added speed and convenience it offers you will allow you to explore more Facebook advertising options instead of fiddling endlessly with email signup pages of your own.
Important Limitations To Note

Leads Tunnel is an extremely new piece of software. It’s passed Facebook’s scrutiny without objection — so far — but that’s no guarantee of its future behavior. The “membership” model it’s sold on means that the tool’s developers can change its functionality at any time in the future; that means your handy-dandy email capturing tool could become useless (or even harmful) without notice. Owing to the tool’s novelty, there aren’t too many Leads Tunnel reviews out there to let you know what to expect.

Also, there’s a decent chance that the value proposition offered by Leads Tunnel doesn’t interest you. You can get rid of the hassle of fiddling with squeeze pages! Terrific! Wait a minute. Don’t squeeze pages provide you with reams of usable information about your potential customers’ behavior? If you love your squeeze pages and want to keep fiddling with them, then you’re not going to have a lot of use for Leads Tunnel.