Advantages of Crossfit

Advantages of CrossfitDo you feel that traditional training in the gym room is small you been? If you’re looking for new emotions and a different way to stimulate your muscles, then it is time to try the Crossfit.

For a couple of years CrossFit Brandon FL have begun to appear in Tampa, and lately has become one of the new training trends gaining popularity every day. We will analyze carefully what the Crossfit or Cross Training with its pros and cons.

A little history of Crossfit. Although the Crossfit has gained popularity in recent years, it has long been practiced. It is a total body workout based on the methods used by military units and special forces. As always, the Americans were pioneers in taking this type of military training, to adapt to the public and patent it as a program with a trademark in 2000. Since then the system brand has spread and has become one of the methods fashion to get in shape. It has become the Crossfit a business? Inevitably, yes. Beyond the sport, Crossfit enthusiasts consider it a lifestyle as part of a community that shares training, nutritional advice, personal jargon and even a characteristic mode of dress. The Crossfit form a group love of their sport.

What worked with the Crossfit?

Crossfit main idea is to train the basic physical abilities of the individual through functional exercises. The fact of working movements and muscle chains instead of isolated muscles promotes rapid and complete training.In Crossfit sessions working with a very high intensity and reduced time: no session should exceed 50 minutes. Every day makes a Workout of the Day (WOD, “Training Day”) consisting of several groups of functional exercises organized in a circuit and regulated by intervals of work with little rest. The work of the muscular strength of whole body is a staple in Crossfit, because it operates at high loads and intensity. It also improves aerobic capacity and other physical skills such as flexibility, coordination and agility.

Crossfit Exercises.

Crossfit sessions are conducted in the box, name given to its facilities. In training machines they are never used, but material and Olympic barbells, kettlebells and kettlebell, bags with different weights or medicine balls. Moreover, it often works with exercises with your own body weight. Some of the most used in the WOD come from weightlifting exercises such as power cleans or power clean. Others are more traditional exercises like chin, jumps on stage, loaded or abdominal push ups. The most important thing is that during the training work of high intensity and short duration is performed: usual rounds are functional and multi-joint exercises for 30 second intervals making the largest possible number of repetitions of each movement.

Who can practice Crossfit? When asked if the CrossFit is for everyone, personally I think not: a good physical basis is necessary to ensure a good workout. As always, this is something we can improve over time, so you only need to work and patience to get started. In Crossfit classes there are different levels for participants, training can adapt to the physical condition of the Crossfit. Also, before entering a WOD should make some kind of adjustment in which the technique is taught the basic movements. Much has been made of the use of “hazardous movements” in the Crossfit: with good technique and body control should be no danger of injury. Each participant must be aware of their capabilities and limitations to work them and progress gradually. We must always be responsible in our training.

The basis of Crossfit is always competing against yourself and get overcome every day: while Crossfit have their own “games” where they compete against each other, self-improvement is the mainstay of this type of training, and encouraging good time to improve. Advantages of Crossfit. Total body conditioning: functional and multi-joint exercises help us train complete movements involving muscular chains, compared with analytical exercises carried out in the exercise machines. Diversity and fun: the WOD changes every day, so it’s very hard to get bored. In addition, Crossfit training is always done in groups, so the social aspect takes center stage.