7 tips to implement a good web design

Positioning our website is vital to our internet business that a good web design from the SEO is essential. Have you ever heard of love at first sight? As often happens when users visit an attractive, well-designed website. You still do not know how to make your site a more attractive space? Siren Marketing Agency gives you 7 tips so that you too can woo your users, not forgetting the importance of SEO, it’s worth noting a great design but is also attractive to Google. So we must always work in web design from the SEO.

  1. Usability. What does usability? Well, the page should be practical and clear objectives. It must also be easy to use for users. Jacob Nielsen and Steve Krug, who set the rules of usability, had a very clear criterion, which is that any page should be created with users in mind. For that:
  • The menu is an essential part of any website. It must be ordered
  • Clearly distinguishes sections of your website, there should be no confusion
  • The content must be clear and understandable to the user
  • Images must be of good quality and must have a reasonable space
  • The buttons must be clearly distinguished
  • Do not get confused and synthesizes clicks so that the user can quickly get to what you want

Search engines, especially Google takes into account this parameter and its maximum is present users with the most relevant content related to the search and that the content is accessible and well structured, one of the main advantages of proper usability web design from the SEO is that it reduces the bounce rate.

  1. Responsive Design. Your website will not only be accessed from a computer, in fact 79% of users who have smartphones will access your page from your mobile or tablet.

This makes it imperative that we have a responsive design, which means adapting your website to these devices so that the user experience is as good as from a computer.

When we talk about responsive design we are also talking about web design from the SEO, because long search engines give much importance to websites that have adapted to mobile design and display them in the results above those websites that are not responsive.

  1. Branding. If you’ve already created a brand, this should be clearly reflected in the web as well as in the rest of the channels you use to communicate with your audience and profiles on social networks, the goal of a strong brand is recognizable either by your audience is the channel that connects with you.
  1. Color Palettes. The choice of colors you use for your web (for both the background for text) is very important. There must prioritize harmony and elements are clearly distinguishable.

If you already have created a brand and take advantage of them symbols or colors of distinction to create your website, but always bearing in mind that the priority is the distinction of the elements and the tuning.

  1. Text Size. If you want users to stay on your website and keep in mind the amount of text you offer. A text-heavy page is not attractive. Neither is a page that offers only visual elements that do not provide clear and useful content. Like everything else, the trick is to balance. Try to make your text has the correct size to be readable by the user and accompany source of photographs or videos. You can also provide your site, if the subject permits, typographical games.
  1. Images in high resolution. There is little point to add images to your page if they are of low quality. Therefore make sure your images are high quality. We know it is not easy, not everyone has a professional photographer at our disposal. However on the network you can find many banks of images that can provide the best images your web.

Want some advice? Originality is also a plus. If you go to extract images from funds that can be found on the network keep in mind that you will not be

the only one who does. So if you want to take your time looking for original images, do not rush and lame the first find.

Again this is a section where we will focus on web design from the SEO and is not about high-quality professional pictures with a size too big, for this there are tools compression and image optimization as gzip, you use them!

7. Beware of effects. Do not overdo the effects or interactions on your page because they can saturate and decrease its functionality. Seeks a balance between functionality and interaction and have guaranteed success. Currently HTML5 can do interesting things without affecting the speed of loading or use scripts that are going to negatively affect when viewing the page and valuation of search engines like Google give our page. With tools like Google you’ll PageSpeed ​​audit of speed and usability of your page, this is very helpful to have a clear view of the assessment Google makes technical level and affects our web positioning.

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